Welcome to the Land of Opportunities

Just Imagine
Imagine the difference you could make in an organization that allows you to leverage your unique capabilities and provides you with opportunities to realize your professional career goals as well as personal aspirations.

Think about working with a team of talented people in a high-energy environment where innovation is encouraged.

Consider what you could accomplish in a public accounting firm that reaches beyond the traditional services of the accounting profession to offer a world of finance, consulting and technology services.

When you think about what you want from your future, look at what Rudd & Company has to offer:

A Tradition of Leadership
At Rudd & Company, we acknowledge our responsibility as leaders, teachers, mentors - coaching our clients to greater success. It was upon this principle that Rudd & Company was founded over forty years ago. We're now one of the largest firms in the area and have five offices in Idaho and Montana.

We have a tradition of leadership. We begin by hiring the top students each year. Being recognized as the best and most innovative company in our field, we provide expert training to help our people become the best in their fields.

We then provide an environment where our people are encouraged to express their opinions and are rewarded for creativity and initiative.

A Commitment to Quality
Teamwork is the key to effective client service. We strive to establish and maintain a "partnership" relation with our clients to help them achieve their goals. As challenges have occurred, we have met and overcome them in innovative ways tailored to the individual needs of each client.

By utilizing printed newsletters, e-mail notices, web page bulletin boards, seminars, and an open-door policy, we make every effort to keep our clients informed of any changes that may affect them or their businesses. By understanding what our clients expect, we can determine their needs and help them succeed. The latest technology has helped us increase our effectiveness. Our own computer network consists of the most up-to-date systems technology available.

A Dedication to Achievement
Like most national firms, we are committed to a full range of high quality services. Beyond the traditional areas of accounting, auditing and tax services, we are widely recognized for our expertise in business and financial consulting, pension administration, computer system analysis and designs.

While we offer many specialized services to our clients, we encourage our staff to gain experience in a wide range of areas. By working in more than one specialized area, our accountants are able to have variety, challenge, and a broader perspective of the big picture.

Due to our expanding staff requirements and the potential for growth, opportunity for advancement within our firm is excellent. Promotions are based on ability, performance, leadership, and willingness to accept responsibility.

Rudd & Company is committed to provide its people with the training, resources and the opportunities for them to realize their highest potential and achieve their goals.

A Sense of Belonging
When you join Rudd & Company, you become part of one of the most distinguished professional service institutions in the area. You become a member of a firm committed to maintaining an environment enriched by professional and personal diversity. We offer you the best of all worlds: The standards, professionalism and training of a large firm with the quality of life found only in our more casual environment.

Rudd & Company is located in the heart of Mountain River Country. Our backyard is a recreational paradise with hunting, fishing, boating, and snowmobiling. Our offices border some of the country's most spectacular national and state parks, including Yellowstone National Park. Whether it's skiing or white water rafting, hiking or mountain climbing, if you like the outdoors, our area has a lot to offer.

We think our quality of life at Rudd & Company is as refreshing as the air around us. We believe that work should be more than just a way to make a living. We are growing, but we hope never to lose the local identity, the personal relationships with each other and our clients, and the friendly atmosphere that are the foundations of our practice.